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TRS Engineering is at the leading edge

blog bannerWest Midlands toolmaking and precision engineering company TRS Engineering has underlined its commitment to the future with an investment of more than £1.8 million in the state of the art machinery.

Founded in 1993 in Bloxwich by former Rolls-Royce aerospace engineer Wesley Osbourne, TRA is weathering the gloomy period in British industry by developing into a multifaceted company.

Like most industrial businesses, the firm has been subjected to extreme competition from foreign manufacturers over the last few years.

Following the investment of more than £1.8 million in a 3D seven-axis laser cell and five-axis 1.25-metre mill turn machine, TRS engineering laser has been formed as an autonomous company in the group.

The original tool making company has moved to larger premises with enhanced machine capabilities to continue to diversify into even wider markets.  With new equipment –including a 3D optical laser scanner that can digitise complex shapes and convert the image into CAD surface data – the company can stay at the forefront of technology and methodology.

TRS specialises in using equipment at the leading edge of precision engineering, tool making, triple-action press work and three-dimensional seven-axis laser cutting and welding.

The business has diversified to counteract the decline in motor manufacturing in the West Midlands – where toolmaking activities were progressively going to the East – with substantial investment and staff training.

Staff development is one of the company objectives to secure and retain the jobs of its highly skilled personnel.  Traditionally toolmakers had been treated as bench hands and firms tended to overlook the potential of these highly skilled workers.

TRS has given direct technical liaison responsibilities to each of the team to make effectively them project managers.

With these responsibilities, they are involved in a job from concept to completion, gaining the trust of the customer and increasing their job satisfaction.  The team consists of 14 personnel, some of whom have been with the TRS for more than 12 years giving the company more than 300 years’ experience in the industry.

The skilled toolmakers trained in computer-aided design (CAD) computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer numerical control (CNC).

Primarily a toolmaking and precision engineering company serving the aerospace, automotive, medical, nuclear and mainline oil and gas pumping sectors, TRS is a contract company that has evolved the skills and equipment needed to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.  With the ability to meet stringent quality standards and tight deadline, TRS is now recognised as a benchmark performer in its field.