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TRS Hydroforming

TRS Hydroforming

If you go through the rich history of TRS Engineering, you will be able to see how we have contributed heavily towards the success of many organizations and individuals. Our vast knowledge, as well as the experience in the engineering sector, has been the key element in keeping us at the top of the competition for a large number of years. The portfolio of TRS Engineering is an evident sign of how we have been able to share our experience with both small-scale and large-scale projects. With the intention of enlarging the prospects of our work portfolio, we decided to introduce a product that has been needed by the engineering sector addressing a lot of the problems associated with these type of systems.

As a result of our effort, we built a bespoke Hydroforming press from the ground up. The Hydroforming press built by us does not require an old or new press designed for other purposes, instead, our hydroforming press is capable of producing tubes, sheets or bulge forming hydroformed components. We achieved this by looking at the problems associated with hydroforming and solving each problem.

Hydroforming has been around for quite a few years but has never really taken off, there have been several reasons for this, overall setup cost have been prohibitive, production cycles have been long, and other associated problems have meant people have not taken advantage of the process. We have address these issues and have now got a system that is reliable accurate with repeatability, all this as well as keeping the initial cost outlay down.

TRS hydrofoming designs can also take into account your existing press and provide a bespoke refurbishment of your existing press along with a custom modernisation of old & scrap presses that utilize our bespoke software to help you regain the life of your old press and make it a valuable item again. This is dependent on what you want to manufacture but we will try and make us of your old machinery if needed.

Our knowledge will guide you through the design process enabling you to make an informed choice for your manufacturing needs making you we offer a personalised solution to your hydroforming project.

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