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Hydroforming CAD – CAM

Hydroforming CAD – CAM

Hydroforming CAD – CAM TRS has expanded over the years its CAD – CAM software, ensuring we keep up to date and able to work with confidence on any project. We have several packages that combined gives us an exceptional user interface to which we can create designs from your briefs, or transfer the data to our machinery ready for machining with minimum of time.

This ensures we deliver a quality product over and over again because there is no data loss between the transfers, which eliminates errors and increases productivity. We can also in advance foresee any problems that might arise before machining allowing us to correct it beforehand and again limiting costly errors, this works well with our years of experience and serves as a backup and quick check system.

Our Hydroforming CAD – CAM capability of designing, testing and manufacturing tools, components and special bespoke machinery according to the clients’ requirements has been a remarkable turning point over the past years for TRS Engineering. Our wide scope of solution packages provide us the much needed insight to optimize the workflow according clients’ standards. Apart from that, we can make simulations such as Bending, Preforming, Hydroforming, Annealing, Fatigue Calibration and Spring Back. The simulations carried out by us, allow us to get rid of unnecessary processes which ultimately reduce unnecessary costs to you the customer.

In addition to Simulating and Designing, our optimization facilities too, are well recognized by the customers, because we save you money, which is why you will keep coming back, because after all, the customer is the party that gets the benefit from our range of unique facilities. Without waiting further, take the next step of contacting us and give yourself the opportunity to obtain a thread of services from us, which lasts for a life time.

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